Great vegan/vegetarian recipes from this month’s Food & Wine

Not eating meat and subscribing to Food & Wine may seem like a bad idea.  Most of their recipes tend towards “chicken stuffed with beef wrapped in bacon.”  Hell, just a few months ago the magazine devoted the entire issue to the “not so humble anymore!” hamburger.  But I have to say, they have been trying lately… or something.  May it’s just a coincidence but I’m noticing a whole lot more vegetarian and even vegan recipes.  Mind you, they never label them as such but it’s nice to get recipes from really great chefs that you don’t have to alter to suit your tastes.

This issue is particularly great, because of the 4 recipes Joe Bastianich offers (yes, as in Lydia’s son and owner of a dozen high end Manhattan Italian restaurants, including Mario Batali’s Babbo), 3 are fully freakin’ vegan (as long as you make the easy sub of agave for honey in the desert.)

I am particularly psyched to try this soy milk rice pudding.  They’re all available online. And even though I cringed when I read the last line of that story (“Still, Bastianich eats steaks and lardo often. “Running so much makes me worry about getting enough calories,” he explains.”), I’ll take his recipes and eat them, too.


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