Quick White Bean Stew with Swiss Chard and Tomatoes

I was really excited about that White Bean Stew I read about in Food & Wine.  So I made it.

Sorry that there are no picture (again! I’m a really terrible food blogger).  But it was really similar to that Savannah Navy Bean Soup I made a little while ago so you can get the point.

I did the recipe a little bit differently than Joe recommends.  I used spinach, not Swiss chard.  I also didn’t blanch my greens separately.  Instead, I heated up the oil in the pot, added the garlic and red pepper flakes, and then dumped in the spinach.  I added the spinach in two parts, letting the first half wilt down before I added the second.  This way, the garlic fully permeated the spinach, it was delicious before I added anything else.  Then I added the tomatoes, brought the mixture to a boil, added the beans and simmered for 8 minutes.  Voila!  Just salt and serve (we had it with some toast).  Granted, we ate the whole batch as two servings, not four, but it was still a fairly healthy dinner.  Next up, I share my bean cooking experience!


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