Vegan Rice Pudding with Broiled Plums


This recipe is actually a combination of two:  Joe Bastianich’s Rice Pudding recipe from this month’s Food & Wine and this broiled plum topping from a rice pudding recipe on Chow.  I wanted to make Joe’s pudding because it was vegan (or nearly so) but I didn’t want to top it with figs because a) I don’t like figs that much and b) I didn’t have figs.  So I opted for these plums.


The ingredients are pretty simple.  The only substitution I made into Joe’s recipe was agave instead of honey to keep my pudding completely vegan, and not just beegan.  I liked his technique:  basically, this is a sweet, rather than savory risotto.  First, you boil the rice in some water and then start gradually adding the soy milk.  Once all the milk is absorbed, stir in some agave and vanilla and you’re done with the pudding.  I was nervous about substituting in the agave for the honey because I wasn’t sure how the sweetness would work out but it did just fine.  In fact, the pudding came out much more subtly flavored than regular rice pudding which was a pleasant surprised.


The plums were fairly simple as well.  Above you can see that I simply chopped them up, added some sugar and vanilla and broiled them for 10 minutes.  Above is before and below is the after.


This recipe was fantastic and delicious.  I usually hesitate to try a vegan version of a familiar dish, particularly when I really like the original (and I looooove rice pudding).  But this was divine: I didn’t miss anything from the original version at all.  In fact, I think the plums complemented the soy milk flavors in the pudding much better than figs would have.

P.S.  See, I can be a proper food blogger and take pictures!


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