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Chopping leeks and potatoes

When I was making the soup below, I discovered a few things about chopping these two types of vegetables that I want to share with you.


I’m one of those people who is extremely sensitive to onions and other vegetables in that family.  They make me bawl like a baby.  Today, I realized the same thing applied to leeks.  I guess I’ve never made leeks before!  Usually, when I chop those vegetables, I wear my Onion Goggles . Next time I cook with leeks, I’m definitely donning my goggles.


I come from the Soviet Union, where we are afraid of 3 things:  catching a cold from a draft, rock ‘n roll music and our freshly peeled/cut potatoes turning brown from exposure to air.  I always dump freshly peeled potatoes in a bowl of water to prevent this happening.  But I would never do that with cut potatoes because I don’t want all the starches to leach out of them before I cook them.

So when I chopped my potatoes for soup today waaaaaaay before I would put them in, I figured I was going to be in trouble.  NOPE!  My small potato dice sat out on the cutting board without even a hint of browning for at least 15 minutes.  There you go:  potato browning, old wives’ tale.  Who knew?