Roasted Funky Color Vegetables


It’s sad that summer is finally over, but at least we get to enjoy all the amazing things that fall has to offer, vegetable wise. As you can see from the picture above, I picked up some very interesting vegetables at the market recently.  If that cauliflower looks odd to you, don’t blame my photography skills.  It’s actually Satur Farms Citrus Yellow Cauliflower which has this gorgeous butter yellow color, and a much more subtle, understated flavor.  I paired it with some Purple Baby and Gold Creamer Potatoes.


These vegetables were so gorgeous that there wasn’t much to do other than chop ’em up, toss them with some good olive oil, making sure each bit was covered, adding some thinly sliced garlic on top and letting them roast at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes.  That’s it!  I added some Satur Mesculin Mix with homemade vinaigrette (I don’t know WHY I ever bought salad dressing before!) and we had a delicious, filling, healthy dinner.  True, we had some chocolate chip cookies later, but you know, that’s a whole another story!



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